East Texas Plant Swap

Rules and Expectations of ETPS:
*********Please read before posting*********
ANYONE found acquiring items from this group and selling them for personal gain will be BLOCKED and BANNED permanently!!

*Always be courteous!
*NO SALES please and thank you!
*If shipping is needed please receive postage BEFORE shipping!
*Plants, shrubs, trees, dirt rocks, shovels, etcetera... I don't care what type of plant related things you are looking for or no longer want so long as it is for Trade, Give-a-way, or Free ONLY !!
****Please remember ANYONE can see what is posted in here. I strongly suggest you share your address and phone number via PM !!ONLY!!
IT IS OK TO SHOW OFF YOUR PRETTIES! Just make sure that you make it clear the items "are not up for grabs"
******Please also note that the posting of any photos automatically constitutes permission for the admins of this page to use the photo(s) as our page's cover photo. ******
*Please feel free to add friends you think would be interested.
*Please delete posts of items no longer available or tag me (Safire Norris) requesting it to be deleted.

♥ Please check EVENTS for Spring/Fall Plant Swap Meet info ♥
Palestine Swap:

Marshall Swap: https://www.facebook.com/events/977636035613869/

♥ Thank you for your contributions in this group! Happy Planting! ♥