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The Bulletin Board for the East Side! Post Past, Present & Future GOOD NEWS to share with the rest of us "East Siders".


~~~This is a Fan Page ONLY! ~~~ Just in case someone missed this part... This is a FAN PAGE ONLY >>> Drama and Bad Press can stay on the News :) There are more than enough places for that, this is for the alternative ~ Good news, great memories, current positive events ~ you get the picture. Thanks all!!!

When this group started I had described the area of the East Side I grew up in... the Sunray area of East St Paul. I've lived in both the Harding and Johnson Areas throughout my life so I love the whole East Side. This group has grown to represent all of the East Side of Saint Paul and peoples love for it- Then and Now and I'm so glad there are so many that love it the way I do. It started like this...

If you've ever said I'm from East St Paul and the reply was "Where?" Then you explained you where/are from the Parkway area or Sunray, Eastern Hts neighborhood or Sheridan/ St Pascals neighborhood, Ames Lake, Beaver Lake, Daytons Bluff, Swede Hollow or even around Deggies Pond...Battle Creek.

Of course there is the Greater East Side or the "Eastside". Hillcrest, Phalen Lake, Prosperity Heights and the whole "Johnson Area" too!!! East Side = ♥

You've heard of East St Paul Lutheran School, or one of the many Catholic schools or Academy's- East St Paul Target or Played for Parkway Little League, Conway, Eastview, Hazel Park or "Harding Area" anything, Davanni's, The Top, The bottom, Battle Creek Jr. High, Do you remember when Taco Bell was Zantigo's? Share your memories and give the old neighborhood some history.

This site is a fan site for All who have a love for the East Side of Saint Paul.


It's all about being one community and brightening someones day. Thanks All!

P.S. Admins reserve the right to delete any comment or group member at any time. Keep it positive for everyone. Thanks all!

P.S.S. Becoming a member of "East St Paul" will include you being invited to events occasionally. We needed to add this disclaimer for those that don't like to be invited to parties lol - just move past your invite if your not interested.
East Siders = Popular enough to be invited to parties :)

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