Ecom Insiders - Shopify $100k Mastery (James Beattie)

Okay guy it's time to lay down some house rules! Been too much s...pam in here lately.

1. No promoting your products unless verified by me. PM me if you have a store, product or service you want to sell.

2. No "PM me and i'll tell you" then try and sell your own shit. The group is here to help people. If you want to offer your help post it in the comments. Everyone benefits this way.

3. The group has a search function. There may be a thread already in the group about your question. Search there before posting!

You've been warned. You will be banned if you don't follow the rules!

I don't want to seem like a dick but we want this community to stay clean and spam free. There has been too many people offering websites for sale that aren't even finished and don't have a sale.

If you have no experience and want to get started this is the place to go:

Let's make this the best damn Ecom group out there <3