Educational Policy and Politics

This page represents the news, updates, and general purposes of Division L: Educational Policy and Politics, of the American Educational Research Association. The purpose of AERA's Division L is to provide a national forum for the dissemination and discussion of research related to educational policy and politics. Division L members work to understand how policy affects educational organizations, students and educators, and society, as well as how policy is formulated, enacted, and implemented. Division L welcomes members from diverse research traditions and invites all AERA members whose work or interests engage questions of educational policy and politics to become involved in Division L by submitting proposals to Division L for the annual meeting, serving as a reviewer, attending the business meeting, and participating in Division L mentoring activities. For information about AERA or to become a member of AERA Division L, please visit Note that the page administrators reserve the right to screen posts; generally, members of this group should not post advertisements for for-profit services, and promotion of personal blogs should also be limited.