This is an international group where people from many countries ...post. However, seeing as the group aims to facilitate job hunting in Edinburgh, the ONLY language accepted will be English. This is to prevent situations in which only people who speak certain languages may have access to job offers. Also, it's just polite to talk in a language that everybody can understand. Any posts not written in English will be deleted.

Edinjob is trying to become a community where people help each other. We all have been that person wandering around the city with a stack of CVs trying to find "vacancy" signs. In this community we are trying to make job hunting easier by allowing employers to advertise those vacancies in a way that is much more accessible. Feel free to post your job offers here, as long as you don't spam.
Please make sure to provide vital information such as what kind of position is available, if it's full or part time, the location of your business, if it's a permanent position, etc.

Sharing your experiences as a current or past employee is also allowed and welcomed. This could help jobseekers learn which places they should avoid, and why.

Also feel free to rate your job or ask if anyone know how a workplace is

Happy hunting!