Edmonton Wholesale Club

This group is to help people buy at wholesale prices. Group buys will allow us to get the best deals for a wide range of items and products.

All orders are prepaid only via email money transfer to [email protected] (pass code: 1234) - Under comments please put what it's for.

Every Sunday night posts will be made with this weeks Edmonton Whole Sale Club deals, just comment on each post with size/qty/color and any other info that is needed. (requests are welcome)

Order may have a MINIMUM BUY, this is to maximize the buying cost.

All orders must be paid for by Friday @ 7pm MST, no exceptions will be made. No refunds once the order has been placed, returns on defective items must be documented with photo's as soon as possible so we can get a refund or replacement.

Once we've placed the order we will track the order to give people a better idea of when it will arrive, after the order as arrived and been verified to be complete we will setup a pickup time (we are located in Mill woods), we will also if needed setup a group meet time for North side folks.