El Dorado County Watch

Welcome to the El Dorado County Watch! This is the original, largest county wide neighborhood watch page for El Dorado County CA on Facebook. By requesting to join, you acknowledge that you have read and understand the guidelines and rules of this page. Not following the rules will subject members to be removed by admin. Check the pinned post located at the top of the page for phone numbers and links to commonly used resources.
Guidelines and Rules
You MAY post the following:
*Missing person reports
*Road closures, construction activity
*Evacuation orders
*Snow or weather affecting safety
*Power outages
*School Closures
*Suspicious activities or persons
*Theft, burglary, robbery of home, vehicle or business
*Lost or found animals
*And other neighborhood watch type things.
You may NOT post the following:
*Names, addresses, phone numbers, license plates/tail numbers from airplanes; unless they are your own or from an official site flyer (like missing person).
*Speed traps/DUI checkpoints
*Animal adoptions
*Items for sale or advertising
*In addition, admin are not to be blocked. Spammers use that tactic to spam the page.
*Do not argue on the open forum with members or admin. Take it in PM.
*Please take a few minutes and search the page to see if what you are posting has already been posted. This reduces duplicate posts and keeps information in one place and reduces confusion.
Above all, keep it positive.