Upwork | oDesk | Elance Philippines

This is a group made for Elance and Upwork freelancers in the Philippines (and other platforms and direct hires). Here, we are free to speak our minds, share our thoughts, make friends with other freelancers and support each other. We are not in any way directly affiliated with Elance and oDesk and will remain to be that way. This group will grow and will become strong in our own efforts as freelancers.

Just like in any other group, trolling, flooding, spamming, bashing are not allowed.

The members and admins of this group will entertain your questions that are related to freelance career (e.g. but not limited to how to start, pay related, client and platform related). We strongly encourage new freelancers to read the files we have in the Files Section as well as read the threads and forums on the platforms themselves. Selling and ads are permitted (strictly for freelancers) but please find the right thread and album for this. MLM and networking are not allowed.

Let us help each other. Feel free to approach the admins and remember that our common denominator why are all here is that we are all freelancers.

Note: To Protect Freelancers from spammers we will not approve ANONYMOUS profiles. Thank you