Welcome Stans To Eminem Universe !

Rules & Guidelines Of Our Group

To be in this group y'all have to follow these basic Rules and Guidelines.

1) Don't Promote Your Pages Or Groups.
2) Don't Post Any Irrelevant Shit.
3) Don't Compare Anyone with Shady.
4) Don't Post Pornographic Content.
5) Don't Post "Please Add Me".
6) Don't Disrespect Admins.
7) Don't Ask For Rap Battles.
8) Don't Comment On Anyone's Religion.
9) Treat everyone with civility respect.
10) Don't Ask For Whatsapp Numbers.
11)Any Kind of Racism & You'll Be removed
Note: Use of English Language in the group is Mandatory.

Admin List :

► Madhav Bhuyar
► Amit Mohadikar
► Tushar Shady
► Shubham Goswami
► Certified Stan

This So Running & Most Loving Group of Eminem , it's harder for us to find and delete all the spam posts.. So please help us by just reporting those post by clicking the drop-down arrow in the top-right corner of the post and clicking "Report to Admin"

Thanks for reading this, We hope y'all follow 'em..