It's not about the gear you have, It's about taking great pictures, about growing as photographers, and having a good time as a group while capturing those great moments...

Photography is art, science and vision; creating pictures is a craft, one that can be learned, enjoyed and repeated throughout your life as moments happen.

You'll have a group that has the same interests around you, people to connect with who share your vision and ideas, who can teach you while learning from from you.

Every time you click that signature shot, share it with people who you know will love it and critique it in a constructive manner to help you improve your skills.

We'll introduce you to some skilled amateurs, full-time professionals (with loads of gear), photographic artists with amazing vision, and keep you informed about photography competitions around the region and encourage members to participate and develop.

If this sounds good to you, then you've found the right group.

We're a really social photography club in based in the U.A.E. Our members are all photography lovers, and not all of us have SLRs, so maybe that's you. We have regular bi-weekly and monthly meetups and outdoor activities which promote photography. We organize trips, camps and various other events to promote this wonderful passion of ours.

You're welcome to be a part of it!