Empath Support Group

The ORIGINAL Empath Support Group. This is an open group.
For all Empaths!
An empath is a person who feels the emotions of others as our own.

This group is a place to learn or share how you survive in today's world.

Or learn how to support a friend, loved one or child who has an Empath gift.

Please leave your judgement on the doorstep
Your thoughts are powerful things and in your exchange here: felt by so many.

Just like you remove your shoes when you enter some homes...
Please clean your thoughts of negativity when entering this space!!

" I cannot think of a single empath I know personally who isn’t or didn’t used to be codependent–in other words, a people-pleaser/self-sacrificer/martyr. I’m a recovering codependent and I must stay very conscious of doing things for myself and taking care of myself or else I’ll give up everything I want to make someone else happy. I’m more me-focused now that I’ve ever been and happier than I’ve ever been because I’m no longer putting everyone else ahead of me to the point of self-annihilation, but it’s hard for me to do. It’s not that I want to control people as many codependents do, but I want to control outcomes. I want everyone to be happy and fulfilled, even if that means I have to give up what I want again and again."


My only request is that we do not use this group as a personal negative venting arena..

We will listen, we will help you through, that's what we're here for, but if things get too negative, keep in mind, we all feel it, and too much negativity, sadness, stress, affects us all in various ways.
Come in with an open heart and open mind, share yourself, and your life: Your questions, your fears, your ideas and your thoughts.

When people post about their ailments, symptoms, sicknesses, etc. I always am under the assumption that they have been to a doctor and no one has discovered a physical reason for their symptoms, sickness, ailment, etc.

If you have not been to a Doctor, that is what you need to do FIRST before telling us about your symptoms.

Don't be afraid. Don't be shy.
This is where you will find pure accepting love and light.
Here there be balance.
Share with us your balance, your ups and downs, your life, your journey.

*huggles* and Blessings


To help with your initial questions, please refer to our new Empath Help Center for simple tips to help you understand your gifts. Please visit the link below, hit "LIKE" and "SHARE" the page.