Empowering Vbacs

Thank you for joining our vbac group. By entering our group you ...must agree to our rules. Do not post anything that is advertising your own business
2. Do not use abusive language
3. Show support and be compassionate to other members situations.
4. Never provide your personal details to any members
5. If you want to post anything please make sure it's either beneficial support and advice or evidence based facts.
6. Do not post any pictures if your private parts. Modesty is important.
7. No men are allowed in this group.
8. You must be a women who has had a vbac or wants a vbac or a medical professional to enter this group. We don't want people who want to be in a group for the fun of it.

If you agree to this then we are glad to have you in the group and one of the admin team will message you once your confirmed.