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The Enfield Stamp Centre is an old fashioned stamp shop and is one of the only few remaining stamp shops in North London.

Our team of experienced stamp dealers offer a confidential valuation of your collection.


With over 40 years experience, our family run business purchase stamps, coins, medals and banknotes, offering you immediate payment for your valuables.

Our reliable team are specialist stamp dealers working from our long established shop in Enfield. Collectors and enthusiasts visit us from all over the world and our expert team offer immediate trade, without going to auction.

Enfield Stamp Centre offer:
•Immediate payment for your stamp collection
•Trading of coins, medals and banknotes
•Collectors accessories available to purchase
•Insurance valuations

Why visit our professional stamp dealers?
•Over 40 years experience
•ADPS members
•PTS members
•Face to face dealings with qualified valuers
•No obligation, free estimates

We offer Great Britain, British Commonwealth and foreign stamps, Singles, Sets or album pages full of stamps, presentation packs, FDC's, kiloware sold

We offer a range of accessories for junior or senior collectors: New albums, Second-hand albums; Gibbons, Lighthouse, Lindner, Davo and other makes of albums, Supplements and additional pages. Hagner Leaves, Hawid and Showgard mounts, coin trays, medal albums, stamp stock books etc.

Also some other collectables: Medals, coins, cigarette cards, postcards, badges and buttons, Etc.

Enfield Stamp Auctions postal auction catalogue & collections list free on request

Enfield Stamp Auctions distribute: Worldwide postal auction catalogue 10 times a year. With over 1500 single and sets lots…….there is so much to choose from.

Stamp Collection newsletter featuring over 500 locally sourced albums, worldwide lots, schoolboy collections, one country range, priced from £2 to £3000. Newsletter every 2 weeks, return of post despatch. Armchair collecting at its best!

We do not buy at auctions. We buy from the public: Collectors, Solicitor's Probate lots, Banks, Charities, Attic finds etc. Many of the thousands, who have bought from us, return to sell their treasures, for all manner of reasons, eg. Moving home, changing interests, retirement. We make a free market valuation of the stamps. We offer to buy them there and then or invite you to get another offer if you wish. It's as simple as that!

Why complicate it more sending your life's work by some freight company to a faceless valuer. We buy direct. No hassle, no charges, no waiting. What have you got to lose?