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English Activities and Educational Group...... A Channel Of Communication & Culture ...
A place Where U gonna enrich Your English Tongue.......The group was set up on the day "27 mars 2010"

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Friends Of The World Despite The distance Between Us , We Here gathered in a Small Place In This Social Network ! As We Have Something In Common That Is We Want To Learn English as The First & The Best Language Of The World . Of Course As Any Group In Facebook Has A Limited Certain Rules:

1- is strictly prohibited discussions of ethnic, religious or political
2- Teamwork is the solution to take advantage ...we have to work to making it
3- Any replies are not useful and controversial the admin has the right to delete it immediately without reference to the owner of the post
4- We have made this group of meaningful topics for the English language and how to learn and benefit from member posts, you must be an objective
5- this group for all and not just for professionals
6- no response reduces the subject matter and we have to show some respect for each member of this group
7- If you have any problem, you must talk to one of the admin .. and the decisions of the group taken by the admin after discussion
8- No Adult Behavior
9 - Posting & Commenting Only In English Language
10 - Prohibited From Posting Other Uninterested Or Unrelated Links
11- All members should participate in making useful and informative posts and comments e.g ( sharing biographies , book's names, movies, English idioms, vocabulary, English articles , educational video clips, Scientific information and any things you find useful to share in English.
12. Avoid using short forms in your posts and comments.
13. No postings of advertisements allowed without prior permission of an administrator. If you post an ad, it will be deleted and you will be warned. If you post one again, you will be banned from the group.
14. Limit your posts 3 maximum per a day .

* Here It Is The Famous Infinity Post In The Group That Should Any Member Participate In :
Enjoy smile emoticon

It will be a great pleasure to have your contributions and active participation.
Take up the challenge of learning the language and have fun !

Here Are The List Of The Principles Admins :
-Eng Ehab Diab (The Creator)
- King Ramzi
- Hadi S Yousif
- Abdessamad Saidi