Talking in english

Dear members ,we're here to write read and learn English!So feel free to share ,comment ,write ,publish or add anything in English that may help our dear members and learners know more,enrich their knowledge of this so odd but fascinating language which is English and enable them to perfect their fluency in English!
Thank you for joining us and sharing this so interesting task. There are so many books and documents ,posted in this group:(Dictionaries ,grammar and phonetic books and others ...) for the use of everyone, I invite all members to share and add more books or documents to enrich the little library, we'll all create together here, this will enable everyone to find all what he or she needs to perfect his /her knowlege in this so odd but very interesting language. The group will carry on its activities as a free group that welcomes everyone and permits them to invite friends, to post in any subject,to chat or to comment in English of course.
Mr.Tifraoui Athmane.