Enoggera Baptist Church: Youth

Who: Grades 7-12 / Age 12-17
When: Fridays 7:00pm to 9:30pm
Where: Enoggera Baptist Church, Corner of Hawthorne Street & Samford Road
Why: Giving local youth a local place to meet each other and Jesus Christ.
What’s on: We run a weekly program alternating between low key Club Nights (hangouts & small groups) and Event Nights (whatever madness has been prepared). We have supper to finish at the end. Check out the latest program for more details. [Hyperlink to a picture of latest program]
Cost: If it’s your first time it’s free, normally it $5.

Enoggera Youth Mission Statement: to be a growing, Christ centred, prayerful ministry. Our focus is to disciple local youth, empowering them to disciple those around them. BAM!