Entrepreneur Tech Corner

Entrepreneurial Tech Corner group is all about getting website a...nd/or tech support so you can get back to focusing on running your business!

In this group we support and help you with any technical issues...online or off.
This isn't just for websites...computer and network problems are welcome too!

Please be courteous, remember that we all started at the bottom, and are at different levels of technical knowledge.
Let's share resources that will benefit everyone!

Promotions are allowed only on Media Monday please (all promo's outside of Monday will be removed.)

This is a positive place for all of us to support one another. I have zero tolerance for negativity and or disrespect.

Need personal 1:1 website or technical support? Visit me here - http://velocitechservices.com/ or shoot me an email at: misty@velocitechservices.com

Happy to have you here and looking forward to taking the stress out of your technology! smile emoticon See More