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Enviralizer: Get Paid to Learn Internet Marketing!

1 - NO EXTERNAL LINKS - This group is for Enviralizer Members, and their guests only. NO THIRD PARTY LINKS are allowed, even if it is a company or service that might help in marketing our site, as long as you can be an affiliate and get paid for referring people to the other site, no links are allowed. Common sense applied, known companies such as Amazon, GoDaddy, etc are ok to mention but not to include affiliate links of any kind.

2 - THIS IS NOT A TECH SUPPORT OR CUSTOMER SERVICE GROUP - The group was created to have a sense of community and presence on Facebook that we can ALL benefit from and leverage in our marketing efforts. If you have ANY KIND OF ISSUE with account setup, password recovery, commissions, etc. please CONTACT OFFICIAL ENVIRALIZER SUPPORT via the main site by going to http://enviralizer.com/contact.html and you will receive an answer in 24 hrs or less. You can also use the LIVE CHAT feature on the site with most issues being resolved on the spot :)

3 - NO PUBLIC REQUESTS to members asking to contact via private chat are allowed. "Hey! Send me a PM and I'll help you" ... In our experience, that is a gimmick used by rookie marketers to "offer help" to new members when in reality all they are doing is telling them about their "other" program ... If you need "help" please contact Enviralizer Support. There are no "secret" methods to promote our program, and everybody uses the same training.

CONCLUSION - Learning internet marketing (as any other skill) takes time, YEARS EVEN. Here at Enviralizer we decided to create an educational platform to facilitate the same techniques, tips and strategies that we use ourselves in our marketing, and make them available to the new folks starting up their own online empires ...

While it is possible to create extra income by referring others to join Enviralizer, focus in learning how to market better, that's where our Social Media and Internet Marketing Library comes in ... once you master those techniques you will be able to join any "program" out there and be on the leaderboards seemingly with no effort ...

We've been there, you can do it ... we can help!

Keeping it Real.

Enviralizer Team