Episcopalians on Facebook

This is for Episcopalians on Facebook, and is open to ALL of them. Some folks may choose to use it as an Episcopal chat room, while others may use it for Episcopal networking. Please be respectful of all of our different classes, liturgical preferences, degree of orthodoxy, etc. We are all Episcopalian, and are all proud of that fact :D **This is not an official ministry of the Episcopal Church.**

1. Respect the dignity and humanity of all members.
2. This is not a marketplace...unless the proceeds go to something Episcopalian ;). (Please report any spammers).
3. No proselytizing from other religions/denominations, please.
4. If you post a prayer request, know that this is an OPEN group, so be mindful of how much you share.

Participation in the group is like the old adage for confession:
All may, some should, none must.