This group is for information on the local BREAKING NEWS in the Erath County
All News Reports will be limited to 1 to 3 on going post (And that depends on the story and will be at my discretion on what post will stay and what ones will be deleted..This is done only so I can keep up on the comments and make it easier for me to control... My notifications are enormous and this will limit my notices to 1 to 3 notices per post.
All comments will be deleted at my discretion if I feel like it is in violation of these rules (So if your comments gets deleted this is why) So please dont ask because your answer will only be "Copied and Pasted" from the rules to you in a private message or "Pasted" to that post (what ever your "Private Settings let me do)
If someone makes a rude or negative comment to "YOU" or on "YOUR" post Please Do Not argue with them Please just Tag me in that post or "Report" the post so I can find them easier and I will deal with them. Any post that you think is questionable you may also "TAG" me or "REPORT" it and I will look at it ASAP.... Remember my time gets limited when major things are happening and I cant set here 24/7... (But on slow days.. I see no harm in venting so long as it is done in a tastefully matter) We can have some fun and be helpful at the same time... just be nice about it
BUT!!! When there is a major incident (Kidnapping, Murder, Robbery) We have been a Great help in getting leads, and YOU should only post things that will help the Officers involved in these cases. We should be here to help.. not speculate about " should of, would of" and things in this nature.. If I am asked by any Law Enforcement Department to delete something... Thats it ... its gone.... No questions asked!!!!
Absolutely NO Advertisements (for sale, iso, garage sales)etc... Legit Charity ads are permitted... But must be approved by me first

Please remember to be respectful of all members, If you don't like what is posted please just move on to the next topic- not all news is happy and joyous some is sad and upsetting but its still news and some people might want to know about it, so please respect them in that matter. Please refrain from calling ppl names or using foul language... I WILL NOT TOLERATE ANY NAME CALLING OR PERSONAL ATTACKS ON ANY PERSON....NO USE OF FOUL LANGUAGE...
These are the rules and are subject to change at any time.... Violators risk being banned from the group.... If you think you can not abide by them please feel free to leave.