Erotic Fantasy Art & Pinup Fans

Erotic Fantasy Art & Pinup Fans is all about erotic illustrations and the artists who create them. It is a great place to share your favorite (non-nude) illustrations. Share sexy images from your favorite artist and see beautiful artwork from others. This is an open group so please make sure your posts are clean and respectful. Enjoy!

- No Nudity
- Credit the Artist
- No Ads or Spam
- No Flooding (max 5 posts per day)
- Sexy or Erotic Fantasy Art & Pinup Only!
- No Images of Children
- No Statues / Figurines / Cartoons
- Photography (Stylized & Pinup Only!)
- No Religion (Discussion or Posts)
- Be Nice! (No hateful comments or posts)

This is NOT a group about fantasy art in general, it is specifically for erotic illustrations and pinup.

It's fine to post a source photo to go with an illustration but let's refrain from posting just models or photos unless it is highly relevant or stylized.

Sculptures and figurines are great but this really isn't the place for them either unless posted along with an illustration they are based upon.

Everyone has a right to their own religious views and I'm 100% ok with that but that topic is now forbidden from this group as it causes some anger and bad feelings. Please discuss it somewhere else.

Mean or hateful comments or posts will no longer be tolerated. If you can't be nice, please just keep your comments to yourself.

Ads of any kind are not permitted. If you would like to promote your work, please post an illustration that is relevant to this group and include a single link to the page you want to promote. Artists are encouraged to do so. Also, remember to sign and watermark your images.

If the work is highly stylized AND erotic, then it might be appropriate for this group. If it's a "selfie" or picture take with a phone, ...probably not. This is not a forum for naked models but rather Erotic Artwork & Pinups. Please don't be offended if your photo is removed.