ESA DLA/PIP Info/Support Group

Join us on Twitter at and online at (main website) and at for appeal advice

ESA DLA/PIP Information Support Guidance Community welcomes all users to our Sociable Happy Friendly community where ALL are of course welcome with any reason for claiming any of the above awards.

ALL SUPPLIED FREE OF ANY CHARGE we must "Fightback" against all "Benefit & Works" ways to make our lives worse off, hiding as best they can their real motives!!!

We offer up to date Information, coupled with our personal knowledge to assist our users compile their application forms, too get through the long waits, to be able to understand the complexities involved, to offer personal guidance, to listen to and assist in anyway possible, on the best routes to beat the issues bothering them and to subsequently gain their award/s

WE will NEVER knowingly send you to a pay service just for easyiness like some, nor will we forget about you!! Nor do we have phones that are rarely if at all answered!! We DO NOT advertise ANYWHERE our users find us - Good luck to one and all - All equal, sharing any advice and/or information - "One for all - And all for one" -