Essential Path Martial Arts Association

Welcome to Essential Path Martial Arts Association; otherwise known as E.M.A. E.M.A. is a fellowship of people who have respect and appreciation for martial arts and meditation. Preserving the understanding that martial arts should encompass teachings for the three elements of our being:

1. Body (physical)
2. Mind (mental, intellectual, emotional)
3. Spirit (spiritual)

The common belief that Tao, Do, or simply put the martial arts path, is essentially a way of life. This is not to say everyone who is apart of this group is a full time instructor, training six days a week or even physically training at all. People can join for many reasons. Some people will join simply because they are interested in learning about the principles and philosophies integral to martial arts traditions; deriving useful tools and resources that can enhance their abilities in areas of life's journey.

The group/association is a forum where people from around the world of like mind and interests can gather, share and learn. This may occur in different formats: classes, seminars, workshops, courses, retreats, and/or using electronic media resources. Other avenues of learning or sharing involve socials, get-togethers, picnics, camping trips etc. ALL SCHOOLS, TEACHERS OR STUDENTS are welcome to share their school's events, views, schools advertising and articles.

If you have the same interests and wish to interact with positive, respectful people then you are welcome to join us and join in the fun.