Essure Problems

This is the Essure Group mentioned by Erin Brockovich on The Doctors

This group is for women who have had the Essure procedure done, and are suffering or have suffered from side effects which may be attributed to Essure. We are also here to inform women who are considering having this procedure about the potential side effects which can result if you are adversely affected by Essure.

Currently, we CANNOT sue to the manufacturer because Essure is classified as a class three device by the FDA and qualifies for preemption which bars law suits being brought against the manufacturer. Until we change the law, no one can sue. With the help and support of Erin Brockovich, yes THAT Erin Brockovich, we are determined to fix this. Our goals are to have Essure pulled of the market, have the classification of class 3 rescinded by the FDA and get the federal preemption laws changed. These will not be easy tasks, but the membership is committed to making this happen!

We also provide women with an unusally strong support system that is so beneficial. We not only have found great doctors to help with removal, but we have numerous files full of very valuable information.We have a group email for the admins. You can contact us directly and privately at [email protected]

And lastly, welcome! You are now an e-sister and while we’re sorry you needed to find us, we ARE glad you did and we ARE here to help!