This group is all about supporting the effort to find a cure for aging. Aging is a disease and the root cause of death of all living things, except from accidents etc.
We should have the right to choose how long we want to live. It is terrible to live for just 100 yrs when you can live for a 1000 yrs or more! Some people complain what will they do with their lifes if they live so long... Well if you look at it from a different angle: If you love someone, how long do you want them to live, how long do you want them to be with you? Just a 100 yrs and then it's ok for them to die?? No, we should have the opportunity to live FOREVER if we choose to. We are too special to have limits to our lifespans! Our lifes are too special, and just being alive is the most fantastic "miracle" of the Universe. Why should this be ended abruptly by some stupid and outdated natural law? If you look at the reasons for aging to take place, you will see how ridiculous this is. Forever young is the way to go. Please support the fight against Aging.