Etsy Sellers and Buyers!

A place for Etsy Sellers to Showcase Their Items and Etsy Buyers to Share the Items They Love!
Let's Help each other grow! Follow the rules, Ask Questions, Be Nice, Be Considerate and Invite your Friends!!
1. Be Nice – to everyone especially when you do not want to be!
2. Please only post ETSY links - outside links will be removed either with or without warning. All product posts must be accompanied by an Etsy link unless you are asking a question regarding that item.
3. Do not start your own trains without asking.
4. The Admins have the final say in any issues. If you have an issue please send a Private Message to the admins directly. Drama will not be tolerated in the group. We are adults and should conduct ourselves as adults.
5. Social media links (Including Facebook) should be posted in the weekly/daily trains. Posting social media links, asking for likes and followers, et cetera, is against our purpose and your posts will be deleted. It is okay, however, to include multiple links in one post so long as you include you etsy shop and must all be in the same post.
6. Please keep the group kid friendly. Some of us have children walking around and don’t want them growing up too fast.
7. Ask questions! We are all here to learn and help each other.
8. Drug paraphernalia is not allowed in this group, including pot scented candles. If seen, the post will be removed.
9. We'd like to keep the wall clean and diverse. That means, full of everyone's works, not just one person’s please remember this when posting.
10. The Golden Rule – HAVE FUN! Interact and make new friends/followers
If you do not feel comfortable asking questions to the group yourself send the admins a Private Message and we will either address it or post it to the group to be answered.