Koop 'n Verkoop Eastrand Seconds, Benoni, Boksburg,And Surrounding Areas

Welcome to Koop 'n Verkoop East Rand Seconds, Benoni, Boksburg, and Surrounding Areas

Your junk, is someone else is treasure >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I’m Sure you have Items Lying around that you would like to sell and get some cash............please always put your price and pictures always help to sell your items........quicker....

also add friends or family’s that you think that will benefit from this page.......

This group was initially created to sell and buy second hand goods - this page has taken off really well in other Areas (like the south coast kzn ) and the time has come to add it in Eastrand, it has also become a YELLOW PAGES as such and has become very useful to all members.

1. Stable Business's may post their SPECIALS on this page
2. You may sell your new or second hand goods on this page
3. Please DO NOT display your personal telephone numbers and email address on this site to prevent SPAM and other unwanted emails or phone calls, rather inbox the person directly instead
4. Please keep comments clean - if you have a problem with something inbox one of our admins ( Eva or myself) and we will look into the matter
5. Only local people may utilise this page, no persons from outside the Spiffed Areas may sell their wares on this page

How to use this page/group

Hints and tips

Selling items: Please remember to add the following information in your advert
1. Brief Description of item. Use appropriate keywords (car for sale, puppies, etc)

2. Asking Price

3. Location of item

4. Inbox the person if that person has not put their contact details on the post (due to SPAM)

5. If you see that you have placed multiple posts about the same item, please delete the extra posts to avoid clutter and being accused of spamming. If you want to repeat the posts please give enough time between each one.

6. A photo goes a long way to helping you sell your item. Add a photo to your post by copy and pasting the URL of the photo in your ad. It should display the photo once you have posted your ad.

Buying/responding to items on sale Please note that not everyone is online all the time. Give an adequate length of time for the person to respond.

If you see that you have placed multiple posts about the same item, please delete the earlier ones.
General tips

Don't forget that if you are looking for something here in specific you can just enter the keyword in the top right corner search bar (called "Search this group") and it will bring up all the posts about that keyword.

Please keep it clean and stay to terms and conditions of Facebook. I am sure we'd all hate to lose this group.

If you are tired of receiving notifications on a particular post just click the 'unfollow' link below the original post and you'll stop receiving the popups.

If you really don't want anything to do with a particular individual on the site, click on the persons name and go to their profile. At the bottom left of their profile click on the link called Report/Block. In the options that popup, click on Block (Last option) and click ok. You will not see any posts from this person again and they will not see anything from you.
If you want to unblock them go to Account (top right hand corner of your page) and click on Privacy Settings. Scroll down to bottom of page and you see an option "Blocked People and Applications" Click on "Manage Blocking" and look for the name to unblock in the list of people there.

I hope this post helps with any queries/problems you may have.

I hope that you enjoy the page and community we all would like to help one another where we can.


Carolina Choles and Eva Du Toit