EVE Online

Unofficial EVE Group is Best EVE Group!

-Saul Sanchez
-...Cameron Weatherby
-Kris Berling

James 'JD' McKnight
Romain Bocquet

In-Game Channel: "EVE FB"

Welcome to EVE Online's largest and bestest group!

There's a few simple rules:
1. Don't spam advertisements.
2. Be respectful to others.
3. No "Go Fund Me" or "Fundraising" pages, we cannot verify if they're scams or not.
4. No Religion or Politics allowed (In game religions are ok, such as Amarr or BoB)

Beyond that, common sense applies. Posts can be EVE related (in the loosest sense of the word) but we love sci-fi in general. And if it's just /that cool/ that you have to share and it doesn't fit the above? Well, just use your best judgement.

Warning! Do not resort to profile creeping,RL insults about people and or their families/friends. You will be insta-banned. If you cant handle people's ingame antics and or play style,it is all good... but keep it relevant. Do not counter creep a creeper... do not stoop to their level... you will be in the same boat,sinking.

Most of all, have fun and fly safe!

- El Stafforito.
P.S. Feeling salty enough to block any of the admins? Don't be surprised if you get podded right out of the group. :)