I (am/have been) a Rover Scout!

You know you are a Rover Scout when:

A 'boot' is more than just a dirty old shoe!

You have attended a Moot!

Most of your friends tend to be Rovers!

You have traveled around the countryside to attend a Moot!

You belong to, or have belonged to a Crew!

You spend many weekends working on a Bash car!

You have had fights with your Crew regarding the Bash car!

You have called someone, or been called a 'spoon'!

You have had, or know of someone who has had a Moot Root!

You have nicknamed someone and it has stuck!

You only know nicknames of some Rovers, and they don't mind that you don't know their real name!

You have kissed someone of the same sex, even if you are straight!

You have attended a 'Pants Down Party'!

You have played the 'Penis Game'!

You have shared a tent with a whole lot of other Rovers!

You have groped someone of the same/opposite sex- boobs, butt!

You don't know what to do with yourself when you get booted!

You aren't surprised when you find out that most of the Rovers are either Teachers or Nurses!

You have used the excuse 'No sorry, I have Rovers'!

You have been rock climbing/abseiling!

You have climbed a mountain!

You instantly build rapport with a stranger when they mention that they are a Rover!

You invite total strangers into your home, and it is okay because they are Rovers too!

You know what a 'Flagon' is!

You know the word 'RABBIT' isn't just a furry animal!

You have woken up in someone else's tent after drinking at a Moot!

You understand the concept of $1 bets!

Many conversations start innocently, but at some stage, a Rover event is mentioned, and an argument commences!

You can recite Rover songs at random times, even at non-Rover events! Examples: "My father's a ....", "How I love your......", "Is everybody happy?".

You have participated in a carpark meeting and felt they were more productive.

You know if you forget something on a Moot, someone will have it and will happily let you borrow it!

You have dated a fellow Rover (or married one in a few cases) :p

Dating a non-Rover is an amazing feat!

You know the concept of 'What do we think of !

You were previously a Cub/Joey/Scout/Venturer!

You understand the concept of 'Bar Tickets'!

You are tired on a Monday because of the lack of sleep over the weekend!

You have had to visit a 'PortALoo', and competed with others with how many times the flap goes down when you pee!

You have chucked a 'sickie' to attend a Rover Moot!

You either have been drunk on, or know someone who has gotten drunk on Mudbash port (or port in general, anywhere, anytime)

You have been in, or know someone who has been in a spa at Mudbash

You might have on occasions been a member of 2 different crews at the same time.

You have played the chupa chup game