Everything Beagle WA

Hello and welcome to Everything Beagle WA
I’m Sharon Macbeth the founder and president of the group alongside for the ride is Marion Akt Vice President. We started the group in July 2012 with just 4 friends that used our local dog park in Kwinana. We set up the group as a way of letting each other know when we would be at the park. And it soon became much more that a group of friends it became a friendship network away of asking questions about issues with your beloved Beagle. We started getting more Beagles turning up to the park and before we knew it members were coming in thick and fast and still are. In 2013 we made the decision to turn us into a fundraising charity to help with much needed funds for Beagles in rescue. We hold events throughout the year to raise funds. We meet up for walks and have party celebrations.
We like people to respect each other on our page and not judge others choices. Threads that use bad language or demine people in anyway will be removed. We like health discussions and debates. We love reading about your Furbabys adventures and seeing pictures. But most of all the support that we give each other that’s what we are about. So if you’re an old member like I or brand new members ask away that’s what we started the group for I hope you like our group and that you can assist in our fundraising efforts
Sharon Macbeth EBWA
I would like to introduce you to the rest of our committee
Lani , Vicki , Maria, and .Jane