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March 2015:
Multi-level marketing (MLM) posts are no longer app...roved by the admin.

Sorry ... No Avon or Tupperware or Mary Kay or...

Definately do not expect approval of Raybans & Handbags either. lol

Trying to keep this blog Niagara Related, any post that is Non Niagara Related will be blocked and Banned.

I was once commissioned to manage the "Official Live FallsCam" in Niagara Falls, Ontario CANADA.

It was the first "Live Colour" (Canadian Spelling) Webcam on the Internet.

It would bring 1000's of people to view this Majestic Beauty.

Then visitors were offered to the experience to control this Webcam remotely Worldwide (although they had to fight for control hehehe)

We then introduced a "NightVision" Camera and allowed images to Stream at night.

There was a vision to offer this Fantastic portal to The Mighty Beauty for FREE.

An innovative idea then allowed us to install an "Add-In" "Linking" users and "Bandwidth Sharing", now a common practice.

Thank-you to to all the companies, dedicated visitors, Webrings, Linking Sites, (and of course my Pittsburgh Ambassador), that made "our connection" to Niagara Falls seem more "Alive" appearing as "backgrounds" or "wallpaper" on 14" Monster-sized and heavy CRTs, practically 24/7.

All are welcome to "TAG" people, places, and offer their memories, or collections, ideas & questions... ANYTHING & EVERYTHING Niagara.

If you have the same passion for the Niagara Falls as us, Please spread the word. Invite your friends and groups, link to back us, and we will do the same.

Thank-you for your time,