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Welcome Muslims & Christians. This forum is a place to discuss Islam and Christianity. Please discuss your beliefs with respect. Be challenged. Do the research. The truth is worth it. AND please read the rules:

☆ Post in English only, please. Textese and Ebonics are NOT allowed

☆ No spamming. Only 5 Topic Threads per day for each member. Flooding of the group with multiple posts is not allowed. Once you post anything, be prepared to discuss it with others in the group

☆ Topics are restricted to the Bible, Biblical Christianity, the Quran and Islam. All other extraneous topics and posts will be removed. This includes politics and denominational doctrinal differences

☆ No incorrect Spelling of Muslim, Christian, Muhammad, Jesus, etc.

☆ This is a mature discussion forum. Opinions are worthless without facts and evidence so be prepared to present evidence to back up your claims

☆ No name-calling, personal attacks, crude or foul language, swearing or cuss words allowed. Included are terms such as WTF, WTH, STFU, BS, LMAO, etc. (F-bombs/foul abusive language will result in an immediate ban, and post/comment deletion)

☆ Refrain from excessive use of ALL CAPS. This is perceived as shouting and is considered as rude behavior on the Internet. cAmELbacK or cAmElCaSe type is also prohibited as it is painful on the eyes and difficult to read

☆ Trolling is not allowed. Stay on topic in the threads (repeat offenders will receive a permanent ban)

☆ Post(s)/comment(s) with image or link must include a brief intro or caption so that other members won't need to click. Violating posts & comments will be removed without warning

☆No threads are to be directed at any one individual

☆ Intentionally inflammatory or offensive posts will be removed immediately at Admin's discretion

☆ No speaking continuously, or posting about the group or Admin decisions. Do not reprove the room or people publicly

☆ No Holocaust or 9-11 Denial posts or comments will be allowed. Any such posts will be removed without warning

☆ No videos or pictures of porn, beheadings, bloody, or dead bodies

☆ Debate points such as "Is Christmas on Dec 25?" and other such "seasonal" posts are OUT. Neither Christianity nor Islam is based on the birthdate of Jesus Christ, Santa Claus, Valentine's, April Fool's Day, or Easter bunnies. All such posts will be removed

☆ All threats of violence, including masked/veiled threats, will result in the offender being banned and reported to the proper authorities immediately

☆ No advertising or solicitations allowed. All ads/solicitations will be deleted and member will be banned without warning

☆ No lying. Exposed liars will be removed immediately

☆ No blocking of Admins. Blocking an Admin will result in one warning followed by permanent removal if the offender remains uncooperative

☆ No Heretical teachings

Thank you for your cooperation. Enjoy your membership here!

E-MAMS: Electronic Ministers Alliance for Muslims' Salvation