The Exposing The Truth Group

The Exposing The Truth Group is a public discussion group; we value empirical evidence and sources for claims made. With this in mind, discussions may pour freely so long as everyone uses good sourcing and follows the rules.

Below are the guidelines for interacting within this group:

Do not use improper, unreliable, or bad citations as a source to back up a claim, this is considered a violation of the rules. Here is a list of proper and improper sources:

Do not name call, personally insult someone on purpose, spam, post porn or use ALL CAPS.

Do not attack people based on their ethnicity, nationality or religious/spiritual beliefs or cultures of any sort.

Do not promote hate, slavery, rape, prejudice, racism, sexism, pedophilia, or violence of any nature.

Do not state your opinions as facts without the use of heavily sourced material.

Do not accuse people of being shills, agents, etc.. unless you can back it up.

Do not block admins just because they are admins, the admins can see your posts even if you block them.

Do not religiously rant or rant about theories that cannot be backed up with evidence. Talking about religion is okay, provided it isn't preaching for or against religion.

Only post things that are relevant to the group and topics being discussed, don't change the topic on a post to derail it, don't post things that cannot be backed up.

Debating/arguing is allowed provided they follow these guidelines.

No one, including admins, shall break these rules or be punished without breaking the rules.

Breaking the rules may result in your post or comment being deleted and/or your account(s) being removed or banned from the group.

Report posts to admins if you believe they should be removed.

If you have been removed, feel free to rejoin but breaking these guidelines may result in you being removed again, or banned.

Contact an admin if you need help with something else.

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