Exposing the Elite's Human Sacrifice Rituals

This group was set up to deal with perhaps the most important conspiracy subject of all: the Human Sacrifice Rituals that the Illuminati Elite have been carrying out for millennia and still do to this day! This inhuman practice is very little known -even in the alternative news scene- because it is their most closely guarded secret. And the reason: BECAUSE BLOOD SACRIFICE (PARTICULARLY OF CHILDREN) IS THE GREATEST SOURCE OF THEIR POWER! PERIOD.

The exact reasons why are not important right now; we are not from the top Illuminati Bloodlines, so we have never been given access to the secret Black Magick knowledge they have that explains exactly how/why Blood Sacrifice works. But, from the available Occult information (Crowley's work in particular) that has already been released to the mainstream, many people have understood that Blood Sacrifice imparts great Spiritual Power, albeit a "dark" power, which is in direct antithesis to the Light of the Higher Self that spiritual people seek out!

So all we need to know for now is that it DOES happen...and it happens on a MASS WORLDWIDE SCALE!! I repeat: WORLDWIDE! Ask yourselves: where are all these missing people (especially children!) all over the world going every year? Do you REALLY think it's just random cases of lone serial killers and/or child molesters? This WOULD be a sane argument, of course, were it not for the endless reports coming from high level defectors/whistle-blowers that claim Ritual Blood Sacrifice is extremely widespread and VERY real!

While it IS true that the evidence we have seen until now is anecdotal, it is EQUALLY true that where there's smoke there's fire! And, in the case of Human Sacrifice Rituals, there is SO much smoke surrounding the issue that I'm amazed we haven't all choked yet!

As I said at the top: this is the most IMPORTANT topic that needs to be uncovered! It is more important than Rothschild Zionism, more important than the Jesuits/Black Pope...yes, even more important than uncovering the Reptilians/Archons THEMSELVES! And the reason: because THIS is how they get their Dark Spiritual Power! So, if we want to see any real improvement in the world, we must SMASH the Global Human Sacrifice network!

I realize that many people either 1) don't really believe the matter is that serious or 2) are afraid to get involved with this. If you belong in the second category, I totally understand. But, let me ask you a question before you bow out:

"What are you going to do if YOUR child becomes a victim of this one day?"

I tell you again: if we expose THIS....we expose it all!! Their whole Demonic House of Cards will fall!! It will create such a domino effect that these cockroaches will NOT know where to run!!!