Extreme Baby Doll Puppies For Sale

Extreme Baby Doll Face Puppies For Sale- This group is for people looking for baby doll face puppies to buy, sell or trade. Puppies posted for sale MUST HAVE A BABY DOLL FACE this is a specific feature of a very short muzzle, petite framed, cobby body, short legged etc. typically considered a "teacup" a "descriptive word" to describe a very small size which is usually 4-5 lbs and under full grown. (We do NOT allow unrealistic fake photo shop puppies) brokers or puppy flippers. You MUST be able to provide parent pictures to the puppies you are advertising or your ad will be deleted. PLEASE do not post brag pictures this group is for members looking for puppies for sale strictly. Ads must include all pertinent information about the dog for sale such as price, location, pedigree, registration, current weight, estimated adult weight, parents and their weights, and current photos of both puppies for sale and parents if available and contact information. Please be attentive to responding to inquiries and you are responsible for monitoring your own ads please delete when no longer available. Absolutely NO DRAMA ALLOWED which include breeder disputes, conflicts and grudges. If you can't be polite and civil you will be removed and banned without warning. You may not negotiate prices on the group and cannot criticize if you feel someone's price is to high. Upon approval to this group it's important you review our entire group rules pinned at the top of the group and type the word agree thanks for respecting the group and WELCOME. Sincerely Tanisha Breton Group Creator and administrator