Extreme Gamerz(PC,PS3,XBOX 360,PSVITA)

Welcome to the world of Extreme Gamerz.

This is a group for gamers and gadgets freaks , here we talk about all the things which is related with gaming, hardware and gadgets stuffs. If you need any solution just post it , members will help you.

There are few rules and you must follow it .

.......... RULES .........

1. Don't spoil.

2. Don’t post any Group/ Blog/ Page/ Website/ advertisement.If you do you will be banned permanently.

3. If you are gonna upload multiple photos at a time i.e. more than 3 then upload it by making an album rather than uploading single by single.

4. Don't start stupid wars , remember this is a gaming group.

5. Don't post anything which is not related with gaming and hardware. If you still want to post some thing just mention "[O.F.T.]" , then post.

6. Don't abuse anyone , if anyone did something wrong with you then send a respectful message to the admins.We will take care of the matter.

7. If you don't like the group just leave the group.No need to post about it. And if you are new don't post like ''Thanks for adding me''.

8.Please don't post like " Add me", ''Thanks for adding me''.

D.O.B of the group = 25th January , 2012

Current Admins = Avishek Das Gupta , Tanzim Ahmed , Suvam Ghosh , Rohit Leon Basu , Arnab Das , Arindam Dutta ,Shaan Saha , Joyðeep JD Ðe and Sayan Sen.

Our official movie group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MovieTvEnthusiast/