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For all you guys and girls out there that love xbox as much as we do! Welcome to Extreme Xbox Gamers!!
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Extreme Xbox Gamers Community Rules:

1. Be polite & show respect. Never disrespect a member because their opinion differs from yours.

2. No spam, sales products, game sharing or code begging. Posts for buying or selling modded save files, game items, etc will be deleted. Modding can lead to cheating, and no one wants to game with a cheater.

3. Videos, articles & gaming news must have a description, no empty links.

4. When posting your gamer tag asking for members to add you please include your platform and country.

5. Speak English. That being said, do not attack other members if their grammar and spelling isn’t perfect. This isn’t a classroom, (if you are to speak in a different language, someone must translate it for everyone else to understand) we’re all here to have some fun!

6. No trolling, that's for children, we are adults here.

7. Gamers come in all shapes and sizes. Never attack a member over their gender, ethnicity, sexuality, or religion. This will result in a warning first, and if it continues, you will be banned from the group.

8. No posts of a sexual nature, please. This includes the posting of pornographic images. Posts containing talk of sex or any pornographic images will be deleted immediately. This goes for any posts that mention or reference the use of drugs.

9. No posting of any other groups is permitted with in Extreme Xbox Gamers unless an admin gives you the permission to do so!

10. Try to stay on topic, this is an Xbox related group. Older consoles no longer produced by a current company are allowed to be discussed. Anything PS related starts drama, so please do not make posts related to that other console that no one wants to hear about.

11. Have fun!

Violation of these rules will result in your removal from this group.

We are all friends here and the aim of this page is to bring you not only the most up to date gaming information, but also to connect gamers from all over the world over their love of gaming.

Please be respectful, and welcome to the family

- Admin Team

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