F400 Karting Challenge

The F400 Karting Challenge has been introduced to bridge the gap between Professional leagues (such as the Rotax 125 Series) and Corporate Karting. While there have been major developments in both Engine and Chassis technology in recent years, like in so many Motor sports, the result has been that access to the sport has become limited, due to the increased financial commitments.

The series aims to provide an affordable, yet competitive series, to improve access to the sport and afford a greater audience the opportunity to experience the thrill and exhilaration of motor sport. The series offers individuals and companies an opportunity to compete in Karting at a level comparable to the top series, while not being burdened by huge expenses and service commitments between races.

All Karts are identical (except chassis which may be any CIK type), with minor adjustments only possible to the chassis setup, which means the focus on performance falls in the ability of the drivers.

Engines are Honda GX 390 units, tuned to exactly the same specification and sealed by the official series engine builder.

All motors are sealed twice a season to ensure equality across the field. Maintenance is limited, with oil changes between race days, and piston replacements annually.

The F400 Series races at Kyalami, Zwartkops, Vereeniging and a single away race in Bloemfontein. Events are held every four weeks to five, and consists of 4 to 5 hours of racing per day.

Each race day is different, and may consist of shorter sprint races of about 1 hour or longer endurance races of up to 3 hours. Driver Changes and refueling may be specified by the race directors for each race, which means teams, may require between 2 and 4 drivers per day. The format is also structured towards offering Corporates' an opportunity of entering staff or client teams, while still remaining competitive in the League.

F400 provides te best value for money racing series curently available in South Africa!