RUET Firefox Club

What is a Firefox Club?
Firefox Clubs are a key grouping of Student Ambassadors at your school which function as Mozilla's liaison at these institutions. As a Firefox Club, it will give you a chance to meet new friends and work as a team to help others learn about our products, grow the Mozilla community (at your school), host events, and participate in campaigns!

Who can join a Firefox Club?
Firefox Clubs are open to all Student Ambassadors who are currently associated with the school. At this time, we ask that you only join the Firefox Club that exists for your specific school.
As a reminder, the Firefox Student Ambassador program is only open to those individuals who are 18+ and currently associated with an institution of higher education.

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Who are the firefox student ambassadors?
Firefox Student Ambassadors are individuals who are passionate about Mozilla and raise awareness about the many benefits of using Firefox.
This Facebook group is a network of Firefox Student Ambassadors from Bangladesh. For our better experience with Mozilla, all Mozilla Reps from Bangladesh are also our member.

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