FGCU Craigslist

Here you can post things you are wanting to sell or look in the group for something you want to buy. It's for people who attend FGCU or live around the FGCU area.
This is meant to be like Craigslist where you can post an item you're selling or wanting to buy and then you determine a place to meet up when you find a seller/buyer for the item.
You can sell anything on here: clothes, accessories, cds, movies, books, textbooks, hand-made items, furniture, video games or computer games,
electronics, anything and everything.
You can even give away free items for things you simply no longer want anymore.
You can post a picture of the item, a description of the item, or both.


A) Please be respectful of others. ANY derogatory comments about a seller's post will result in action taken against the offending member.
B) If there is an issue between buyer and seller, please private message them for discussion. Do NOT use the group wall for your personal forum.
C) Please put your LOCATION in your post.
D) Admin is not responsible for bad transactions - buyer beware.
E) Privately arrange for pick-up, payment and/or delivery but always be mindful of safety first. When in doubt, always meet in a public place.
F) Please delete your sold items. Offenders will be tarred & feathered!
G) Admin may delete posts/items or remove/ban members at any time.

Thank you all for your cooperation in keeping this page running smoothly!