Created by 2 friends with more than a passing interest in football, this group came into being in April 2011. The two folks added their friends and they in turn added theirs. From around 300 members in the first three months to now over 60,000 and counting. It's not just another facebook group where you can discuss & dissect football, it's like an extended family. Many of the members never knew each other at all, but have now become the best of friends (as well as enemies ). The group has always been active on the social network with fans from all over the world joining in with their posts & comments. Perhaps the only group where you can find fans of all teams apart from the conventional ones.

Members are expected to refrain themselves from using any profanity. Use of abuses and racial discrimination of any sort won't be tolerated at all. All troll posts are to be avoided and if needed will be posted as comments on a special troll thread present in the group.

We have our own shows like - The Legends, Future is Here, Meet the FIIOBians and others run by the members of this group. We also have special gameshows like - Battleground, Talaash, Haze of Maze, Blanks, etc.

But what actually sets FIIOB apart is its real life activities. We have our own football team as well as our own group T-shirt. From organising football tournaments, to having match screenings. From supporting social causes and spreading social awareness to having meet the members get together events. This might be a virtual forum, but its real life activities have a far more endearing effect. The group is also taking more steps to further accentuate its efforts on this front. Some of these include - Football workshops, match screenings all over the country, more football tournaments, football for a cause matches, working towards the growth of football at the grassroots level etc. Once a part of this group, you'll never like to leave. Once you become an active part of this group, you'll never regret. And finally once you become an active part of the group's real life activities, you'll never naa.. You'll surely become family for life. ...

Welcome to Football Is In Our Blood.