Freelance Interpreters & Translators-UK

Dear colleagues, this is an official group for professional registered, vetted and qualified interpreters and translators in the United Kingdom.

Although this group is for interpreters and translators based in the UK, I have made exceptions and added people from other countries and professions where its relevant to what we are doing in and for the Criminal Justice Profession.

I created this group in order to be in touch with colleagues who like myself feel a bit isolated at times due to the nature of our profession. This group puts faces to the names we are all familiar with.

This group is the place where we can share news, views, current affairs, professional opinions, professional activities and friendly banter.

I would like to remind you all that this is not a place to advertise for any memberships or recruitment center for any organizations. Please refrain from doing so. Similarly, you are kindly requested not to engage in any derogatory or disparaging remarks or comments about any other fellow professional RPSIs/RCPDs, who are likewise opposed to outsourcing – even if they are, or have been, active in other organisations. In particular, I would not wish to see any dredging-up of past animosities or conflicts, nor attempts at re-writing history. Please ask for permission to use their posts with the authors. I would also like to remind you all to observe and respect the guidelines and to avoid any personal attacks, foul language and pettiness. Ignoring such protocols will lead to removal from the group by the Moderators.

Last, but not least, I would also like to ask all of you to check the validity of the person’s existence on NRPSI on and NRCPD on, websites before accepting their request to this group. I have added colleagues from CIoL and ITI membership organisations. Any acceptance of request to join this group is at my discretion.

Your understanding and co-operation is very much appreciated to ensure our site here remains friendly and welcoming, where members will continue to feel at home and comfortable whenever adding their voices to our merry and dynamic gang.

Follow the instructions to join the group:

1.Facebook profile has to be created first if it doesn't already exist.
2.You need to follow this link to the group
3. You then have to click on 'request to join', which is at the top right hand side of the page.

Thank You !!!

Ranjeeta Johnson
Creator & Moderator

Created on 1st March 2011