Flight Attendant International

***This group is for active Flight Attendants/Cabin Crew only***

Hello FAI and welcome to our Facebook page. This is a place to come and meet other flight attendants. Feel free to invite your colleagues to join our group. We are verifying employment so make sure that your colleagues know that we need to see some proof of employment. We will try and verify airline employment by looking at your Facebook page if we do not see some type of verification then we will request it by message.

Please do not advertise items for sale on FAI without permission from the Admin. If you have a discount to offer to the group you must obtain permission to post or it will be deleted. Due to being a very diverse group no discriminatory posts will be allowed and we respectfully request that all postings be made in English so that all may participate. We represent airlines from all over the world and we look forward to getting to know you!!