FMA Informative

This group is for Practitioners to advertise their events, style...s, systems etc. Anything else will be deleted.

The FMA Informative is a newspaper and when enough information can be gathered on a specific topic offers an issue dedicated to that topic. The FMA Informative is designed for the Filipino martial arts community to tell others about the Filipino martial arts, their Organization, Federation, Association, style and about themselves or others. To give their prospect views or contribution of knowledge of the Filipino martial arts and the culture of the Philippines. Now also the FMA Informative covers other martial arts their concepts, theories etc.

Finally, about the FMA Informative issue which is an online magazine, the issues are designed to speak about one subject, whether a basic concept of a style, philosophy, techniques, a cultural aspect of the Philippines etc. The submitted material must be at least 10 page minimum, but can be as long as desired.

It is hoped all will enjoy the FMA Informative Newspaper and Magazine. Please pass the word so more practitioners, and non-practitioners can join in on sharing their knowledge, aspects, and experience.

It must be remembered that the FMA Informative is what you make it, if nothing received, and then nothing can be given. Be one that shares.

The FMA Informative is a non-profit online magazine; we do not solicit, expect or want donations, just material to share with others. The FMA Informative Staff is dedicated to the Propagating of the Filipino martial arts and the Culture of the Philippines.

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