FREEcycle Ottawa

What is Freecycle?

An Ottawa group to save useful items from the landfills AND to benefit everyone in Ottawa from wasting money when they can benefit from the same item for free.

If you have anything you don't NEED or WANT to throw it out - offer it here. It could be a book, furniture or art supplies. Your best bet is to upload a picture! Check out our FAQ - and our Guidelines -

Also if you need something and you don't want to buy it - ask for it. Anything: CD's, old printers, carpets, chairs and books.

♦♦♦Save the landfills and the world's natural resources!♦♦♦

Rude, disrespectful or condemning behaviour is unacceptable and intolerable in this group. Everyone is a member on the premise of kindness and NOT for personal benefit, but for the sake of saving the landfills and natural resources. We're not here for personal gain, although you do gain from it as well. If anyone has become a victim of rude members, please message me private asap, and we will deal with the matter right away. Anastasia: [email protected]

♠If you collect something, or are in constant need of something (stamps, old computers, clothes) then post your WANT in the Discussion board ( and say, ex: Old Computers (Ongoing Want) so that people know you're always looking for this particular item. The wall gets cluttered so old messages might get buried, this way your message will always be looked at if you're constantly looking for something specific!

Can we use FREEcycle Ottawa to find new homes for our companion animals?
No, based on the advice of animal welfare experts, your group administrators believe there is
too much risk to companion animals to just give them away on a freecycling venue.
There is now a Free or At Risk page that you can join for advice on rehoming your pet, or assistance in doing so - please send a request to join at
where you may post your pet there.
To better understand the risks to your pet, click here!
If you feel like you must give up your companion animal, please read this first:
Then, if you are still sure that you must give up your animal, read this guide on how to
responsibly find a new home for your animal:
Thanks for caring enough about your pet to do the right thing!
Team FREEcycle Ottawa