Fernvale Riverbow Owner™ - FR Kampong 888


***Note To Non-Resident Of Fernvale Riverbow***

We understand everyone is making a living but this is a closed group for FR owners only.
If you have any good deals for FR owners, feel free to pm Ray Chia or Daniel Chua, as long as the deal is good, we will share on behalf for you.
Thanks Bro & Sis!

Hey Neighbours!

Duplicate group AGAIN?!

Yes! but I promise this time it's different, not only for renovation ideas / bulk buy and this group will never go dead.

We have a spreadsheet for all neighbours in 'Files' This is for long term and I mean it.

This group belongs to every FR owner, we shall manage it together to keep it ***Always Active*** even after all of us moved in.

Our Goal -

Gather everyone into 1 group

*** Please comment in your Block & Floor you are getting to help make this place restricted to true residents only.

*** Making good use of the social media to keep a lookout for everyone,
e.g. post in
- Suspicious person wandering around / Carpark / Festival treats / Lobangs / Summon / blah blah blah

Let us keep the Kampong Spirit alive!

Cheers! :)


立法不可不严 , 行法不可不恕

In enacting laws, severity is essential; in executing laws, leniency should be tempered with justice