Hoppers & Steppers!
Thanks for joining us here at FROG-HOP!
- Home of the Glitch & Bass Underground -

We are an exclusive group heavily passionate and dedicated to the growth and spread of Innovative & Intelligent Dance Music in Israel. The Heavyweight Bass & Broken Beats that have grown from a raving underground to a global massive community.
Of new, funky, creative blood that we are looking forward to getting to know.
and together,
We'll bring forward the sounds from the future.

This group is for Artists, Labels, DJs, Promoters, Talent Scouts..
& All the Glitch Lovers out there!
We Welcome and Encourage You to Share Your Music, Mixes, Demos, Events, and your Personal Aspects on the Genre, Itself. We Listen & Speak with open minds.

Just a couple ground rules..
- No Dissing / Hating
Our vibes stay on the good side. Please respect each-other. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and the user will be removed from the group. Only funky Lovin' in this group, Please!

- Keep the music relevant
Unrelated posts will be removed. If it's not relevant, don't waste your time. We check & listen to all posts, and if we find some uncreative mainstream garbage in here, be sure it will be gone. Not out of disrespect, but out of the groups commitment.

- Don't post your spam here
That's right, Promoters. This group is not a bulletin board. Don't post irrelevant crap here!

With all that being covered,

Stay tuned &
Keep on Hopping!


"It's more than just a musical genre, It's an artform." - Freddy Todd