Flight Simulator X

As the name suggests, Flight Simulator X is a simulator that replicate a real-life-flying experience. Other than that, a Flight Simulator X offers you a sense of what it's like to fly of and be in control with a plane.

The satisfaction that produces by this simulator ranges from the gaining of experience in flying, being in control with varieties of airplanes, making your own flight planner, getting involve with the machinery of the planes, communicating with the Air Traffic Controller (ATC), understanding the different weights of planes, until the pleasure of seeing a magnificent and marvelous super-realistic- scenery: clouds, mountains, sun, roads, and water.

This group is made so that everyone is able to share their experiences in flying by simply posting or dropping comments on the wall. You can also ask questions about anything (my favourite plane is the Boeing 777-300, by the way)

Feel free to post your photos, videos, comments and knowledge of FSX on this group!!

So buckle up! invite more people, and begin your journey to the world of flying!