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Before Following the Rules Please Not That This is not a Shaadi.com or Rishta.com wala Group, so Please yaha apni behan ka kheetmi rishta sastay daamo me dene se parhaiz kere. Thanks. ♥

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Group For Web developing , Business and CC finding only ..!

No tagging allowed
Adult Content Strictly Prohibited

If you want to add any friend in group , add on your own responsibility , agar wo scam ya spam karay ga to us k sath aap bhi ban ho gay
- Group Administrator is not responsible for any deal without agent (group admin) - Beware of fake IDs - Deal face to face or at your own risk - Both parties should give their money and pages to group admin to make a fair deal.
List Promotion Not Allowed :3 (Y)
Motives: - Buy and sell pages - Website Development - Increase likes of FB page - Purchase Pages On Final Rates - Only Trusted Admins to be involved - Advertise Links on payment - Make and Promote pages On Order

Payments through: - Western union - Moneygram - Bank Transfer - Try to Make Face To Face Dealing (F2F) - Phone recharge - Paypal

Cancer members will be banned if they’re deemed toxic to the group (Ex: People commenting sexual stuff, speaking broken english all the time, post dumb irrelevant things like tagging members everywhere, ur ban, ur fag, ur mom comments, fake profiles acting up)
No fake profiles (There's some exceptions to ones that are inside already)

No harassment (Trolling is fine, as long as it’s clever and not bullying or stupid like "you f*gget")

No spam, ads, or personal wall posts

Low quality posts will be removed

For serious only threads use [srs] tag (Abusing this = Insta ban) (Also don't use this for something you could easily google)

Spoilers must contain [SPOILER] [NAME OF SHOW] [SEASON + EPISODE] tags (No pictures)
Dealing methods: - Face to Face -Through Group Admins - Trust on your own risk (y)

Member will be banned on: - Abusive comments - Misbehave either with male or female - Continuous repeated posting during a week - group Promoting

Please also note that: - If you think you are not engaged with these activities , please leave this group - If you think your friend is engaged in this group, please add him / her - If you want to sell your page just paste your page link with minimum bid or with your desired demand rate - If you want to buy a page just bit your rate in comment and make your deal finals. :)) -dont take admins as fool dont be smart -dont abuse if founded direct banned -All the Group admins are trusted admins .