Fedex Freight chat room


This is a closed community only for people currently employed by FedEx.

This chat room was started by drivers for drivers, both P&D and Road in Arizona in 2013. Since then we've grown to a national and even international community including all walks of the FedEx life.

Our purpose for starting this is simple.
Leave office politics in the office, that's for the leadership to deal with.

Have fun; share your photos of the crazy stuff that you see daily while out there getting the job done. Along with anything else from personal interests, to the wrecks that you see on the road.

To you drivers that have been behind the wheel for many miles we challenge all of you to share your knowledge and wisdom gained while getting it done. To those drivers that are newer take the time to ask and learn.

Lastly, we have two basic rules;

Article 1.
(a) Freedom of speech is a right here, we do require that it be kept courteous and mostly professional. (b) If at any point posts are objectionable, be they of an explicit nature, or one that is deemed by the Administration of this page to be damaging to the well being of our group they will be deleted. (c) The person who posted it will receive a one time warning. (d) A second violation, will result in being banned from this page.

Article 2.
(a) As voted upon by the sitting membership of this chat room August 16th, 2014; Posts containing mention of the union of any kind, whether unaffiliated or affiliated subject matter are forthwith banned from any and all posts in this chat room (i.e., no union anything). (b) Anyone who violates this ban will be given a one time warning for the violation of this rule and the post will be removed. (c) A second violation will result in expulsion from the group. (d) There will be no appeals process.

If you are interested in becoming more informed on the issues concerning FedEx and the unions, we encourage you to search for the appropriate page within Facebook that suits your interests. Please remember, the discussion of the union positions within this chat room are banned and the Administration of this chat room, neither condones or approves of discussion of unions within this forum.

Participating in this chatroom means that you have read and acknowledged these rules.

Concerns or issues? Email: [email protected]

Updated September 26th, 2014 17:16 PST